Sawtooth Games Calls was founded by two brothers, Frank and Holden Erwin, who grew up in Greeleyville, South Carolina. While living in a town with a population of only 375 people, they learned at a very young age that the best thing to do with their free time was to go hunting and enjoy the great outdoors. The name Sawtooth comes from the sawtooth oak trees that are planted down the driveway on their family farm where they first learned to hunt.

With game calling being a huge aspect of hunting, the Erwin boys have learned through their years of experience that certain calls sounds, tones, and techniques are more effective in varying circumstances. After learning those sounds, they decided that the best way to be able to make the perfect sound and tone was to learn to make their own calls. After many hours and hours of trial and error, they have developed a line of game calls that they believe gives them the best chance for success in the field. Then they decided they wanted to figure out how to produce these calls so everyone can experience them.  That is when Sawtooth Game Calls was formed.

Here at Sawtooth Game Calls, one of our favorite parts of the hunt is not the actual kill, but the overall experience of the hunt and story leading up to the kill. We hope that our calls not only help you bag your trophy, but also bring experiences with friends and family that you can remember for a lifetime.