Mouth Call Bundle

$24.99 $29.97

1 of Each Mouth Call:

-Ol' RedThe Ol’ Red mouth call is a double reed call with a split v-cut. This versatile call produces a smooth yelp, clean cuts, and gets low & soft to bring that gobbler in those final few steps. If you use an arsenal of mouth calls, you know how essential this split v-cut is. Don’t let that stubborn gobbler slip away!

-Cobalt Cutter: The Cobalt Cutter mouth call is a 2.5 reed call with a cutter v-cut. This call produces booming volume and forceful hard cuts. This is a great call for getting that stubborn gobbler fired up and in your set-up in no-time. If you’re an experienced hunter, you know this is the mouth call you need to compete for that trophy longbeard’s attention.

-K.I.S.S.: The Sawtooth K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) mouth call is a double reed call with a simple split cut.  This call not only produces a yelp with the perfect combination of high pitch and rasp, but also allows one to make soft clucks and purrs that will bring in that smart gobbler the final few steps that you need.